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The Hyderabad Art Society is one of the oldest art organization of our country, being established by the noted art lover Nawab Salar Jung at its first president. After him Nawab Mehdi Nawaj Jung Bahadur took charge as its President in the year 1940. Under whom the society took up a large number of activities and established itself as one of the leading art societies of India.

With long service to the field of art, the Society organized serveral state, national and International art exhibitions. The Society also organized exchange exhibitions of Andhra Pradesh artists in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedbad. The Society organized several workshops, seminars, slide shows, lectures over the years providing opportunities to the upcoming and established artists of all parts of the country

The all India art exhibition organized by the Society every year had been a big platform to the artists of our country and gave opportunity to the artists of our country. The Society has played the role as a stepping stone in shaping the careers of eminent artists such as M F Hussain, V S Gaitonde, K H Ara, Nandanlal Bose, N S Bendre, K K Hebber, Jyothi Bhatt, P V Janikiram, Shantio Dave, Krishen Khanna, Ramkinker Baiji, Balbir Singh Katt, Akbar Padmasee, Bimal Das Gupta, and K S Kulkarni. They have participated in the Society 's annual exhibitions and won awards.

Noted artists of Andhra Pradesh P T Reddy, Kondpalli Seshagiri Rao, K Rajaiah, V Madhusudhan Rao, P R Raju, Gouri Shankar, Surya Prakash, Laxma Goud, Reddeppa Naidu, Vasudev Kapatral, Syed Bin Mohammed, M Jayanth, T Vaikuntam, B A Reddy, Narendra Rai, Srihari Bholekar, PS Chndrasekhar, A Yadagiri Rao and R Subash Babu took part in the exhibitions and won awards.
The Society has created awareness about traditional and contemporary arts among the public by organizing number of activities, providing incentives and exposing the artists by holding exhibitions and workshops.

The Hyderabad Art Society could do all these activities with the support of the central and state Lalit Kala Akademi, the Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, the Department of Culture and the All India Exhibition Society. Infact the Society's office is located in the  premises of the All India Industrial Exhibition Society ever since it was established in 1940.

The active involvement of art lovers like L N Gupta, S Masood Ahmed, P T Reddy, Jagadish Mittal, Madhusudhan Rao, Gouri Shankar, D B  Sarnika, Syed Bin Mohammed, P R Raju, M S Datar, Rajaiah, Doraiswamy, B A Reddy, M Jayanth, Eswaraiah, Srihari Bholekar, G Y Giri, Bairu Raghuram, L. Narendranath and D. Ananthaiah the Hyderabad Art Society has been continuing its art activities.

The Hyderabad Art Society Has continued its art Promotional Activities all these and gained a place of honour in the community of artists in particular and the public in general. The Society stands as an example to many of its sister institutions and every on can look forward for similar and ever better activities in the years to come.